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You Aren’t the Only Thing Working Hard Over the Holidays

Is your home ready?

The holidays are right around the corner, that means a higher demand on your home.  From your electrical panel to your plumbing, holiday guests, meals, and decorations will put an increased demand on your home and the systems that keep it running.

In the past years, have you noticed power surges, clogged or frozen pipes? Have you noticed higher energy bills after the holiday? Or does your home feel like its bursting at the seams when your in-laws come into town?

We understand because we’re your neighbors. Taking pride in our homes, in hosting family and upholding time-honored traditions like baking pumpkin pies and Christmas cookies.  Pacific Premium Builders also understand how to make the right home improvements that help keep these traditions alive.

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays


Whether it’s adding an outdoor outlet or updating your electrical panel, we can help ensure that your home rivals the Griswold’s this Christmas.  Give us a call and our trained and certified electrical experts will walk with you through your holiday plans and help make a plan, to make the right improvements for the right price.


Don’t let clogged toilets, leaking showers, or freezing pipes slow your holiday celebrations.  Pacific Premium’s plumbing experts can help make sure that your home is ready for anything the holidays or mother nature can throw at it this year.

Gain an extra room

Could you use some extra room for guests during the holidays? Whether you’d like to enclose a porch, build up, add on a new room (dare we say a new master suite to treat yourself?), we’ve got you covered.  Room additions are a specialty of ours.  Not only do they keep you and your loved ones in your house, but they can also help to increase the value of your home.  Give us a call to talk through the options for building an addition to your home.

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Fall is just around the corner, and with it comes the risk of plumbing issues.

Do you own an older home? Have you been in your current home for a while now, or have you recently purchased a new home? Cracks and electrical issues can be easy to spot, as they tend to be visible, but plumbing issues can be lurking behind your walls.

Before the weather grows cold, and small problems become big headaches, it’s a good idea to call an expert and get them fixed.  Our team of experienced plumbers are ready and able to take a look at your home, your needs and address them before it’s too late.

Leaking Pipes, Toilets or Faucets

Have you noticed a bit more moisture in your home than usual? Is your basement cold and clammy, or a wall cold or damp to the touch?  These can be signs of potential issues behind your walls.  Weak or leaking pipes can lead to big problems in the winter.  Our team is available to come take a look at these pipes, check for excessive moisture and plan the most cost-effective repair.

Toilets and leaking faucets are wasting your water, and your hard-earned money.  While they might seem like a small issue now, they can quickly become worse and even harder to fix.  Give our team a call.  We’ll help save you money and sleep more soundly at night.

Old or Exposed Pipes

Old and exposed pipes are at higher risk of freezing in cold temperatures.  Freezing pipes can potentially crack or break, filling your home, basement or garage with water.  Exposed pipes, like the lines from the water main, to the home, can freeze at higher temperatures and are often overlooked. Simple solutions can help insulate you from the cost of damages as a result of these freezing.  Before the cold temperatures hit, give our team a call.


Water has no place building up inside your home.  Your drains should be clear and fully open to perform their important job of getting rid of excess water and moisture.  Over time your drains may start to clog, reducing their ability to perform their job, but it might not be enough for you to notice an actual issue.  It’s a good idea to play it safe and have your drains checked before they cause a problem.  With colder temperatures coming, it can be harder to unclog these drains, or replace totally clogged or failed sections of pipe.