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Upgrading your entry door is a simple way to increase the value of your home.  From curb appeal to increased security and energy efficiency, they can save you money and enhance the look of your home. Modern doors are more durable than older doors, so they will last longer. A new buyer will be happy they have a new entry door that won’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

When do I need to replace my door?

If your door is over 10 years old, is warping, chipping, or has other damage to the door, frame, or seal.

DIY or Contractor?

You’ve heard it said that time is money.  When deciding to do it yourself or hire a contractor to install your new door, consider the following:

  • How much is your time worth? What could you be doing with the time saved hiring a contractor?
  • How qualified/experienced are you with construction projects?
  • Would you like the security of a skilled professional?
  • How important is an installation warranty? Many contractors provide one.
  • Do you enjoy construction projects?
  • What type of insurance discounts can you get? Will this apply if you don’t use a contractor?
Preparation & Decisions

Exact measurement is imperative.  You don’t want the door to leak air or light.  Ill-fitting doors can also end up damaging floors or scraping the frame.

What type of climate do you live in – extreme, mild, or somewhere in between?  When choosing the type and style of door, consider energy efficiency/thermal performance.  Do you have harsh storms – wind, rain, hurricanes? How about extreme heat? Check with the manufacturer to ensure you get the right door for your weather.

Style & Design

What styles or designs do you like? Real Wood is often the choice for an exterior door for it’s warmth and versatility of design. You can carve it, add glass – clear, stained, etched or privacy; and, a variety of handles look great with wood. But do you need an “impact door” due to climate? Impact doors handle blunt force and hurricane winds.  Steel-reinforced could be a consideration. Do you like double doors? Is your house traditional or contemporary.  All of this plays into your choice and a good contractor can help you navigate the options if you’re going that route.

A new interior door can improve the following:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety & Security – including from elements – not just people
  • Block noise and UV Rays
  • Provide protection from extreme weather
  • Home value – Resale Appeal
  • Curb Appeal


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Quality, installation and even where you live all impact the effectiveness of your windows. Your desire for energy efficiency, increased home value and your budget can help you determine if and when to consider new windows.

Wear & Tear

Home owners will want to consider many factors when evaluating the condition of their windows. Do they open and close easily? Could weather-stripping or other hardware be repaired rather than replaced? How often are they used and are they exposed to harsh weather conditions like extreme heat, humidity, high winds or ocean salt? Are they cloudy (or fog easily), warped, damaged or drafty? Your windows may be communicating with you. Are you listening?

Save Money

Newer energy-efficiency windows can pay for themselves by reducing heating and cooling costs as much as 10-25%. That savings and any improvement in curb-appeal from an update can also boost the asking price if you’re considering putting your home on the market.

Function & Design

Whether you’ve survived a big storm, want more natural light or just want to improve the look or functionality of your windows there is a huge variety of new options to consider today.

  • Quality – in addition to insulation and energy efficiency, there are windows better suited to different climate conditions and needs.
  • Functionality – perhaps a different style of window is needed or you want bigger or different configurations. Think about how you are likely to use each window to determine the style, size and opening mechanism that will work best for you.
  • Design – how your home looks and feels is completely dependent upon design elements. Windows, as the “eyes” of the home, can make a huge impact from both the outside in and the inside out. This one change can dramatically affect the appearance of your house and the way you feel in it.